About us

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is the bedrock of every culture.  Mahadum360 aims to bring people together and foster unity by making learning a new language easy and affordable.

In addition:

  • Learning new languages also increases your language centre and hippocampus which is responsible for forming, storing and retrieving memories.
  • We deliver our lessons through storytelling, a proven tool for transferring knowledge.
  • We use simple everyday conversations, quiz and puzzles to make it fun to follow and improve learning outcomes.
  • We are also online so that you can get your lessons on the go.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to “democratize learning.” We want everyone to have access to materials that would improve their communication skills at an affordable price and delivered in a fun manner.

  • The lessons are “as easy and realistic as they come” with some storytelling. We hope they make you smile as you learn.
  • We also have a Study portal to improve learning outcomes. Success to us is as follows:
  • 4 weeks
    • Our students would have learnt enough to recognize and repeat simple sentences as well as carry out simple conversations
  • 8 weeks
    • Our students carry out everyday conversations and can read simple books in their chosen language.
  • We look forward to your feedback. You can contact us at info@mahadum360.com

Our Manifesto

  • We are mahadum360
  • We give everyone a chance to learn a new language
  • We help you learn at an affordable cost
  • We help break language barriers and foster unity
  • We use practice exercises and storytelling, a proven tool for transferring knowledge as we believe learning languages should mimic everyday life
  • We are mobile so you can take your lessons with you everywhere
  • We help improve confidence, understanding and unity.
  • We lay the foundation for learning other cultures.

Free Language Learning Guide And Free Lessons

This guide includes the amazing, comprehensive proven 4 step system for learning languages.