Learn Easy series

  • Literacy has been identified as a big challenge in Nigeria.
    • We have identified three projects which aim at improving literacy levels for Local Nigerian languages, English and French languages so we can communicate amongst ourselves and internationally.
    • We have also designed some lessons for children and teenagers to enables them to learn the basics of Nigerian languages.
    • Success to us is that everyone who takes our lessons are able to read and appreciate literature in their chosen language.

Read Easy language series

Do you dream of READING English, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and other Nigerian languages fluently? Do you understand the language but struggle with simple sentences due to lack of practice?

Read Easy series is a collection of animated short stories with word prompt to help improve reading skills. It also contains poems for memorable learning.

Free Youtube trial/ practise lessons

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To qualify, watch the videos on YouTube, Practice it and Post your video on our testimonial age.

The best Video of the month will be shortlisted and winners will be chosen via ballot get access to the full lessons. Terms and conditions apply.