Who we are!

We are a Nigerian Language E-Learning platform for Fun and Easy learning without stress and time commitment and we are currently running  lessons  on our learning portal and on Youtube 

  • We have a Study portal to improve learning outcomes. Success to us is that after 4 weeks,
    • our students would have learnt enough to recognize and repeat common words
    • follow simple communication.
  • We believe in laying the bedrock for life long learning and appreciating culture.
  • We look forward to joining you on your learning journey.
  • Access your lessons in our learning portal by clicking the button below.  You can also access  some of our free lessons on our  Youtube

Why Mahadum360?

  • Do you struggle to teach your child your mother tongue?
  • Does your spouse speak another mother tongue?
  • Are you trying to learn another language but just can't find the time?
  • Don't be discouraged, your worries are over!
    Mahadum360 to the rescue

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